in a pond

and I?


She’s an idiot.

It’s like her husband be remembered

for anything good,

so she wants to be remembered as an idiot.

It gets very depressing.

Go home lady don’t go near the Yankees.

They know how to stay in shape

and I have to go out on a limb here.

All baseballs

players know

how to stay in shape

immortal murder machines

A revorution broke out.

And everything became to an end.

The troubled country seemed to be finished

by the death of the wicked machines.

But the peace did not came.

Because Ninja Warriors, they are immortal murder machines

Thank you

In the old days, I was making this game.
Become to work with emulator also in a foreign country, and I'm glad to now be evaluated.

It is full of love for this game, your site was great.
Able to run this Motorola 68000, one was a very difficult task, but it was a great time.

Degree, had no interest in music deer in Japan, but his was a challenge to it.
I'm happy being evaluated.

I was created by Google Translate this text.

Strong game designer KazuyukiKurata
If you are one of the persons

appearing in these photos

and don't want to be,

please let me know.

I'll remove it.

Just remember,

the picture is here

because I think you are sexy

and beautiful.

I never meant to hurt you.
everything is easy.

I believe that you are willing to cooperate.

thank you

Invincible Summer

A pair of pants is a pair of pants.

A couch is just a couch.

A carpet is a carpet.

My dog is literally my best friend.

saxy boobs

wow a very nice girl. i need you to spend my time
thor can snow
I choose to put it all my eggs into Wolverine.


what is xmen emo

huheha yeah go away xmen emo
play finding nemo or something ughehe
what is xmen emo

Twenty Poems


Stars Bare It All
In Makeup-Free

Paris Jackson

$590 Million

Straps On A
Fake Penis

Playboy Offers
Amanda Bynes A

Mom Had No
Idea She Was

Cheerios Stands
By Ad Featuring
Mixed Race

Britney Spears
Rocks A Blue
Bikini By The

Taco Licker Fired

Michelle Obama
Heckled By
LGBT Protester

Possibly Record-
Breaking Shark

What Happened
To Kimmy


Travolta Makes
An Unexpected


Collapses In
Philly, Trapping
Several People


Breakup Texts

Gang-Raped In

Actress Dies in
Reported Suicide

Reveals Big

Miguel's Leg
Drop Victim
Might Have Brain

Here's What
Happens When
Protesters Stand
Up To

Sense of Humor, Sense of Seriousness

One must have a sense of humor

and a sense of seriousness

to distinguish what is supposed

to be taken literally or not.

An even more keen sense is needed

when humor is used to make a serious point.

Psychologists have studied how humor

is intended to be taken as having seriousness,

as when court jesters used humor

to convey serious information.

Conversely, when humor is not intended

to be taken seriously, bad taste

in humor may cross a line

after which it is taken seriously,

though not intended

Aren't you meant to be mature or something ???

Oooh, everything powderfuuuul should be removed...?

So that.. So that u.. U, my son..

Though Im only in ma twenties, can be a Supaaaa Hero?

If you have a pet:

you say "did you see my rat[dog]?"

 or if she mentions your rat[dog]. 

you say "he's my best friend, if he doesn't like you, we will never work." 

she says "[something about dog]"

 you say "and hes going to sleep with us if.. we.. uh. sleep. in the same.. area." 

she SAID "lmaoooooooo


goshhhhhhh.. we will... maybee

 but that thing is not getting near us lol"

At Adamantium 0.0

I tested it ostensibly.

I only started to feel people...

by name...

really their turn...

the hour they are awake...

Before that you are in the sea.

(it all compensates)
Shows how terrible as a conqueror Atila the Hun was,

The fear caused by his facial characteristics

were passed generation to generation trough the genes

even until today. Don't be surprised if in the future exists

another version of this article explaining

how toothbrush moustaches can be award for your social life,

I mean, if you manage to live in future.

style style style!

Gay boy, you.
the way which is said and the way witch is said sounds the but spelled differant (like I would say witch one do you want to take) but it is spelled which but sounds the same as I used it in the sentance (witch one do you want to take) but they don't mean the same.

ok like I would say witch are in heaven thou be thy name but the correct way is which are in heaven thou be thy name the way I used witch sounds the same as the way which sounds but spellled differant.

Our Father, which are in heaven?
Our Father , who are in heaven?

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please help me reveal my PVP game..

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